Stamped Concrete

Over the past decade, stamped and stained concrete has exploded in popularity. Decorative concrete is being used on pool decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks and even interior spaces.

Advances in stamped concrete technology make the design possibilities almost endless. Many shape designs are available, including brick, flagstone, random stone, wood, and many others. Additionally, hundreds of color combinations are available

When searching for stamped concrete, there are many variables that one must research to ensure that the patio will last a lifetime! Many companies will buy a low grade concrete mix from a department store and add color and will then stamp on a concrete design and call the patio, "stamped concrete." Don't fall for it! Chesapeake professionals use a high grade psi, special order concrete that is the strongest concrete possible. The color won't be painted on, but instead will have chemicals mixed in the concrete that gives the concrete the color, which you desire. This ensures that your patio won't fade. With Chesapeake professional installers, you will be ecstatic about the artistic talents that we will use as we handcraft your patio.

If stamped or stained concrete is on your wish list, call or email Chesapeake Home Remodeling & Design today to schedule an appointment with one of our project managers.